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at least it’s NOT raining…

June 9, 2009

Today, I got up early in order to make myself a good breakfast, lunch, and snack to take with me to work–after finally having time to go to the grocery store yesterday. I chopped up chicken to use in my pad thai. I cut strawberries to put in my oatmeal. I had a baggy of crackers, I had  fruit leather (quite possibly the worst name for any food, ever, next to slim jims–but much less flammable). I had Pom Hibiscus tea. I was very happy. I put everything in a nice bag to take with me. I got into my car, very content, and drove off to work, hardly hitting any traffic. As I am getting out of my car in the parking structure I turned to my right to grab my purse and food–only to find that my food was not there. I left it on the kitchen counter at home. I almost cried.

So not only did I not have my breakfast or snack and had to buy my lunch, I also spilled mustard from said lunch on my white top.

AND it is just me and Dumbintern here today…overall, not happy.

I have an ethical question to ask of you: were I to, say, tell him to go pick something up from the Warner Bros Studios (which are across the street) and suggest to him that he simply run across the freeway to get there, would that be tantamount to killing him? Could I be convicted? Tup, can I get a legal opinion here?

What if I just offered a hiking location to him that happens to be infested with bears and mountain lions? Just walking the line of impropriety or actually putting myself at risk for legal action?

These are important questions people.

At least it’s not raining…

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