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True Blood!

June 15, 2009

trueblood_poster1So, True Blood is possibly one of the best shows on TV for anyone who likes vampires, sex, southern accents, voodoo, and mystery.  Kelly and I are completely obsessed with the show.   TB is based on the Sookie Stackhouse books, but who the fuck reads nowadays? People who don’t have jobs and losers, that’s who.  It’s so much different than Twilight, mainly because the writers don’t glorify withholding sex. So, IT’S AWESOME.  Season 2 just premiered last night on HBO, but if you don’t get that channel like the good people at #SSR, has all the season 1 episodes.  Seriously people, watch this show, if for no other reason than the sexy southern accents.  Y’all take care now.

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  1. ksawyers permalink
    June 15, 2009 6:02 pm

    Please do not confuse the fact that I am hopelessly addicted to the vampire/human interaction genre (hellloooooo Buffy, HELLOOOOO Edward) and take this next comment as objective reality (backed up by scores of awards, critics, and glowing rolling stone articles): True Blood is legitimately one of THE best shows on TV. Hands down. It is incredible.

    And yes, there are hot hot southern accents. and hot hot people (Sookie’s brother? You could cut diamonds on his abs. Sookie? hello, I am sorta addicted to the gap in Anna Paquin’s teeth.). And lots and LOTS of naked zexy time.

    Watch this show people. Watch. This. Show.

    PS-AlexandraJane: um, Lafayette is in Eric’s weird chained-to-a-wheel-you-killed-vampires prison? UM! UMMMM!!!!

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