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What Claudia Wore

June 18, 2009

Hokay. So.

There’s this blog. And I love it. But to admit that I love it would mean admitting that I love other things.

(Other things like the most amazing book series ever written for prepubescent girls– The Babysitters’ Club.)

Let’s just accept that and move on, because I’m reassured by Ms. Jappy herself that I’m not alone in my irrational love.

So anyway. This blog. (This one.) It’s a masterpiece. It’s such a masterpiece, when you Google Claudia Kishi, the most fascinating babysitter of all babysitters of all time, it’s the first site that comes up.

What Claudia Wore is the project of a delightfully snarky, too-cool-for-school blogger who realized (as most bloggers, us included) should that she shouldn’t write a “normal blog” because she is “not really that interesting.”

Instead, she goes back and analyzes the fashion displayed by the oh-so-trendy Claudia Kishi and her less fashionable cohorts book by book. No joke. She tears these books apart, rips open every outfit described, and frequently finds comparable outfits from Urban Outfitters and American Apparel to compare them to. It’s awesome.

Some of my favorite moments from her blog:

  • Her frequent riffs on how Dov Charney from American Apparel is a big perv, and how that’s influenced her decision to only buy AA products on ebay. (And her disapproval of the most recent addition to his product line.)scrunchies
  • The hypothetical job interview she imagines in which she tries to explain to an interviewer how her blogging about Babysitters’ Club fashion is a desirable skill.
  • Interviewer: “So, tell me a little bit about your hobbies.” [Yes, in my imaginary job interview, they ask about my hobbies. And then we play cat’s cradle.]
    Me: “Oh, man, I have been WAITING for this! I am so prepared, you’re going to be impressed like woah. So, I have this blog, right? But it’s not a normal blog, because I am not really that interesting [Ego: yes I am], even though I force them to read inane ramblings all the time that have nothing to do with anything, really. That doesn’t mean I’m not a focused and determined individual, sir. Anyway, this blog is about the Babysitters Club. Did you read those books? Probably not, you’re a little too old – sorry, sir – and most guys didn’t anyway except for SO@24 and that hardly counts because he’s really cool – I mean, boys who write are totally hot, seriously – not like one of those regular guys you see in the UMass sweatshirts who are too busy stocking up on Coors Light to appreciate the high class and culture of re-reading books that were below your grade level when you were six. But I digress! I do that a lot, but trust me sir I am VERY FOCUSED. So it’s, like, a fashion blog kinda, and to sum up it’s really great and I often use it to poke fun at American Apparel. Although technically I DO link to their items so I guess you COULD say that there’s a minute possibility that I’m actually influencing a purchase**. I mean, yeah, you got me, I own three of those acid wash deep v tees. But I got them on eBay for a fraction of the price! I don’t support Dov Charney, sir. Have you read about him? He is such a perv, really. I mean, just look at the photoshoots; those girls have clearly been drugged. Why are they so eager to show off their vaginas? Am I just a prude? Are you allowed to say ‘vagina’ in a job interview? Anyway, those shirts are intense. I read the reviews and everyone’s like ‘these shirts are hard to wear with a bra’ but I’m like, how could you NOT wear them with a bra? They are dangerous low. But they are really flattering and even manage to make a flat-chested young lady like myself – I saw you noticing, sir, and I hope this isn’t a factor in your hiring decision, that secretary out front was pretty, uh, chesty – look fairly, um, let’s just say chesty again, but there does have to be underwire involved. And sometimes padding.”
    Interviewer: ” . . . ”
    Me: “So! Did I get the job?”

  • Her “If the Babysitters Were Modern Day Hipsters” post, comprised entirely of photographs from one issue of Nylon.thumb - kristythumb - mary annethumb - claudiathumb - dawnthumb - jessithumb - mal

Basically, she’s a badass, and you should spend today (what, it’s not like you have anything better to do) going back and reading her blog from the beginning.

P.S. For any of you crazy, crazy people who might prefer Gossip Girl to the Babysitters’ Club (blasphemy!), she has a new tumblr blog called What Chuck Wore. It’s hysterical, and I’ve never even seen one episode of that show. Someone give this girl a ridiculously overvalued book deal. Stat.

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  1. chefhooles permalink
    June 18, 2009 2:34 pm

    what about stacey??? she was so fucking rad with her diabetes and art deco designed bedroom that she had in new york before her parents got divorced and her life sucked.

  2. alexandrajmiller permalink
    June 18, 2009 7:25 pm

    i miss the babysitter’s club. like a lot. can we please watch that movie ASAP? OMG my childhood favorite actress – larisa oleynik is in it. as is rachael leigh cook. dgih team, dgih.

  3. alexandrajmiller permalink
    June 18, 2009 7:31 pm

    ok seriously, watch the trailer:

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