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Things I like today:

June 19, 2009

1. Happy hours (honestly, who doesn’t?). Corollary- I hate it when I get out of work at 5:30 and happy hour ends at 7 so I have to drink my cheap drinks really fast so I can get the most out of the drink specials. I also hate it when people think that $3 for a Bud or Miller Light is a “deal” worthy of putting on a blackboard for happy hour.

2. Max Medina.

Lorelei, will you marry me?

Lorelei, will you marry me?

The answer to a proposal from Max Medina should always be yes.

3. Movies that have not yet been made into fucking horrible TV shows by ABC Family or another bad television station. See the new 10 Things I Hate About You show on ABCFam. Fuck.

4. TLC On Demand- Say Yes to the Dress, 18 Kids and Counting, etc.

I am currently waiting for Mad Men to come back on demand, and Whale Wars (what the fuck animal planet. what. the. fuck.)

5. Bookstore/restaurant combinations.

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