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An easy mistake to make:

June 20, 2009


Don't mess with this guy.

Don't mess with this guy.

As in:

Kenneth: Excuse me, coming though…
Ridikolous: Oh man, you did not just scuff my shoes. P. Diddy wears these.
Kenneth: Oh, will he be mad when you give them back?
Ridikolous: Son, to have you your moms must be so stupid she thinks Grape Nuts is an STD.
Kenneth: Well sir, your mother must have not raised you right. Cause you’re not saying very nice things.



Pronunciation: /rɪˈdɪkjʊləs/ ri-DIK-ew-ləs
Description: A spell used when fighting a Boggart, “Riddikulus” forces the Boggart to take the appearance of an object upon which the caster is concentrating. When used correctly this will be a humorous form.
Seen/Mentioned: First seen in Prisoner of Azkaban, when taught by Lupin. Then seen in Goblet of Fire on a boggart that was in the maze in the Third Task. Finally seen in Order of the Phoenix, when Mrs Weasley tries to cast Riddikulus on a Boggart in Grimmauld Place.
Suggested Etymology: Latin ridiculus meaning “absurd”.[13]
Notes: The effect depends on what the caster is thinking. Neville concentrates on his grandmother’s dress, causing a Boggart in the form of Snape to appear in it.

(F.Y.I.: for more information about Riddikulus than you might ever need, check this site)

Harry's #1 fear: DEMENTORS

Harry's #1 fear: DEMENTORS

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