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Harrison Ford

June 23, 2009

So we’ve been talking a lot recently here at SSR about our old man loves. It turns out we all have them, even the lesbians. Mine is the always-classic and rugged Harrison Ford, aka Han Solo, aka Indiana Jones, aka President James “Get off my plane” Marshall.

I can’t remember if my true love for Harrison began with Indiana Jones:

This belongs in a museum!

This belongs in a museum!

who inspired my life-long love of archaelogy….

or Han Solo,

"I love you..." "I know"

"I love you..." "I know"

who inspired my life-long piratitude.

Moral of the story, I love Harrison Ford. Full disclosure: Air Force One was the first rated R movie (!!!!!!) I ever saw, at the tender age of ten. Obviously, the violence did not scar me for life, but maybe the reason I hate Gary Oldman (Sirius Black) so much is because he’s the scary rooskie who tries to steal Harrison’s plane. For the record, if he had succeeded, a woman would have become president, and we all know that’s a terrible idea.

Not only were Harrison’s rugged good looks, and dashingly-scarred chin, a huge draw for 10-year old Leslie, but he has been very well preserved today. Let’s just say that Calista is a lucky, lucky woman.

However, I do have one request: please don’t do another Indiana Jones? Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was hard enough for me to sit through, and on my 21st birthday too!

Harrison Ford

EDIT: I’ve recently stumbled upon the most badass moment in movie history. EVER.

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