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James Franco: A Man for All Seasons

June 24, 2009
James Franco: Timeless Hottie

James Franco: Timeless Hottie

How old do you think James Franco is? Just off the top of your head.  24? 26? WRONG.  Mr. Franco is a sterling THIRTY ONE. Ridiculous, right? That’s what I thought, until I thought about it. Franco has been in everything. He was in Freaks and Geeks in the late 90’s (where he looks to be about 24), then in Whatever It Takes, which looks like a quality romcom which I may or may not be looking for on Amazon right now…

Anyway, then James was in Spiderman, where I first fell in love with him.  I can still remember being like “Oh damnz, I would totally pick the rich hot guy instead of Toby McGuire… ” My, how things haven’t changed at all. I digress.  James was also in Annapolis, which I have not personally seen, but it seems like a movie where he’d take off his shirt a lot and flex his muscles, so I’m down fo sho. And then Tristan & Isolde. Humana humana humana. That is all.  He also made cameos in The Holiday, an SSR favorite, and Knocked Up, which has NOTHING TO DO WITH OUR LIVES. NOTHING!!!

James’ most excellent work is Pineapple Express, which is also fucking awesome.  If you haven’t seent it, go see it right fucking now.  Your life is not complete until you see it. And he was also one of the gheys in Milk, where he kissed Sean Penn and made him food and played with whipped cream.  Delicious? Obvi. But the point of this post is that looking back on all of James Franco’s roles, he looks perpetually 24.  Per-petually.  The man does not age.  These pictures don’t lie, my friends (they totally could, but they don’t!). The point is, James Franco is an ageless fox.

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