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Go to Gstaad…

June 26, 2009

…it’s the best.

Bill Hader told me so. Frankly, so did David Gordon, who is a way bigger baller than you, so suck it. I know the Swiss franc is pretty strong against the dollar right now (what the fuck 35 franc/dollar train ride from Zurich to Basel, what.the.fuck), but Switzerland is awesome. No joke.

Here’s what a quick peruuuuuse of Wikipedia taught me about this magnificent ski town/mountain haven.

1. It’s “exclusive” (read: celebrities and important people go here). This is the kind of place where celebrities like Salma Hayek meet their rich boyfriends who own LVMH, then they get married in Venice in a Carneval themed wedding. WTF.

2. Some uber prestigious Swiss boarding school has its winter campus here (fucktards), so it’s essentially like a real-life episode of NYC Prep, but in Switzerland, so the kids have accents and probably wear slightly better clothes.

3. Gstaad boasts great skiing and shopping. It sounds a lot like a winter version of St. Baarth’s, home of the most epic vacation known to man.

Shots in the afternoon? Sure!

4. Evidently, it was named “Place of the Year,” by Time Magazine in 1960, which incidentally named ME(!!!), Person of the Year in 2006, so I think it’s a generally trustworthy magazine. Also, if it was kickass in 1960, imagine how much better it is almost 50 years later. Things in Europe just get better with age (see: balsamic vinegar, wine, art)

5. George Soros is evidently a long-term resident of Gstaad. I personally love George Soros, mainly because it’s his money that pays my $20 a day stipend that pays for my beer. If it’s good enough for George, it’s good enough for me.

My other house is a chalet.

My other house is a chalet.

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