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Frisky (the blog, not the cat food).

July 3, 2009

It has been brought to the attention of the DBIH writers that we MAY be attempting to emulate a little blog called “The Frisky.” At first, we were unsure what this newfangled site was but after a speedy use of the google we quickly educated ourselves. We  found several similarities and differences between DBIH and The Frisky. Allow me to enumerate them:

We both like to write about sex. Duh. Here the Frisky talks about losing your virginity. Whee! Who doesn’t love a good tale about how totally awkward it is to lose your virginity? Because really, we ALL want to relive that experience again. *shudder* I do, however, have a small BONE TO PICK WITH THE FRISKY: little heteronormative.  At DBIH we’re very sexually fluid and respect all sexual orientations and gender identifications (or lackthereof).  Not all of us (okay, maybe just the lesbians) don’t reallyyyyy want to read about awkward sexcapades between a hetero couple. Asante sana.

We both love politics. The Frisky had a great little post on the Sanford scandal that managed to both titillate me and bring back all of my repressed Daddy issues (JUST WATCH THE BABYSITTERS CLUB MOVIE FOR A CLEARER EXPLANATION). However, we at DBIH would have liked a shout-out to Jenny Sanford for not standing by that dirt-bag Mark at his presser. *golf claps*

We both write about Gwyneth Paltrow: Snaps to DBIH writer Afrika for catching this gem before The Frisky. Obviously it pays to read Gawker religiously throughout the work day. It is nice to know that people outside of our little bubble hate Gwyneth and GOOP just as much as we do.

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  1. dirtyhippie permalink
    July 4, 2009 1:54 am

    the fact that anyone is comparing us to what seems to be a fairly legit blog (they have customized ads, therefore, they are nearly as legit as WCW) is sorta a complement.

    Too bad our cankles and bad-at-sexytimez-ness are keeping us from enjoying our full potential.

    Notice the use of the plural. We, as the team, are one.

  2. kelley permalink
    July 4, 2009 5:47 pm

    dirtyhhippie-you are very right…we, as a team, are one and we need to stand together and fight for our rights…i mean straight people have the right to hold hands,kiss,and show PDA in public without getting stared at but when a gay couple holds hands they get discriminated(i think i spelled that wrong) against and we get called names…some gay couples are afraid to go uot in public together or if they do they act like they are just friends…and then when the gay marrage law comes out every one makes a big deal out of it…like a my school most of the kids there would go up to people and they would be like “its ok, its legal now” you talkin bout gay marrage…and one time the people who said that made a girl cry because she was gay and they didnt know it and she was the most picked on….ever since that day shes been scared to go out in public with her girlfriend…she will only go out with her if she knows that people arent gunna be anywhere by them….its really sad because they have been together for about two years and they just broke up because the girlfriend couldnt stand not being able to be seen together as more friends….all of the girls friends that new about them thought that they would last for a long time but because of stupid people who cant keep their mouths shut a REALLY good relationship ended…trust me it sux….

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