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A tale of two Jim(my)s

July 16, 2009

So today at work I was reminiscing about the gold old days, namely the energy crisis of the 1970s, during which I was not even alive. Yes, I’ve heard tell of lines at gas stations and a staggeringly poor economic climate blah blah blah, but JIMMY CARTER WAS PRESIDENT, and nobody (including David Alan Gordon) epitomizes baller in quite the same way that Jimmy does.

Some people like to say horrible things about Jimmy, and I hate them for being mean to him. I think he’s adorable, and the best President and ex-President ever (I’m looking at you Teddy Roosevelt).

Back to my story, Revelation came to me today, possibly from Jesus, possibly from my third cup of coffee in 5 hours. What was it, you might ask? I discovered (LIKE MAGELLAN!!!!) that Jimmy Carter and Jim Bob Duggar are dopplegangers. Check it.

Exhibit A:

Cutest president EVER

Cutest president EVER

Exhibit B:

You can only achieve hair like that with about a can of old school AquaNet

You can only achieve hair like that with about a can of old school AquaNet

Some people might accuse me of “North-ism” which could easily be true. All white southern men of a certain genre really do look and talk alike, especially the politicians (did you know that Jim Bob Duggar was in the Arkansas State House? I did). These people might be right. But it still warms my heart (my cold, cold heart) to know that two of my favorite people in the world are basically like one extra-super-duper-fucking-awesome person.

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