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Dream Journal: Part One

July 21, 2009

Here at #SSR, we have a lot of crazy dreams.  I’d like to share one of mine with you today. Please feel free to comment or interpret this dream for me.

This dream was about workchucks, who (in the dream) had an ex-boyfriend who was David Caradine, aka the guy from Kill Bill, and he was a rapist/murderer. So David Caradine came into our house when only workchucks and i were there. Being the great friend that I am, I tried to kill him like that one overachiever girl killed another overachiever girl on that one episode of SVU by stabbing Caradine in the chest with a pen over and over. Then I ran out of my bedroom and told workchucks what was going down, and as usual, she was on her computer in the living room.  Her response (I think) was “Oh great thank you!” then back to her laptop. But Caradine was still alive, as I heard movement in my room. So I went back in with a pair of scissors and cut him in both of his jugulars.  But he didn’t stop moving around and I heard a blow dryer going, which could *only* mean that he was sealing his wounds so he could come and rape/murder workchucks and I.  So I asked workchucks what I should do, but she said she was busy researching better ways of killing Caradine.  So I went back to my room to take the blow dryer away and I hit him in the head with the plug, which got stuck in his skull, so I left it in there. Caradine was STILL ALIVE AND MOVING, so I went back to workchucks to see if she had any better ideas. She said, “I haven’t found anything, but why don’t we take a nap and we’ll deal with that later?” I became so scared of being raped/murdered that I woke up. 

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  1. dirtyhippie permalink
    July 21, 2009 8:05 pm

    1. I would hope that real-life workchucks would have better taste in men than the dude who just died in Thailand from a game of auto-erotic asphyxiation gone wrong.

    2. remind me to never be in a room with you if that room also has a) pens, b) scissors, or c) a hair dryer.

    3. way to be resourceful in your murderous attempts. Who needs knives and guns?? NOT YOU!


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