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A hearty endorsement

July 23, 2009

I don’t think I have to waste any time convincing you that Top Chef is amazing. With frequent appearances by my future best friend Anthony Bourdain, and hosted by the ex- Mrs. Salman Rushdie (Dear Padma, can you please explain to me why the middle 200 pages of The Satanic Verses were so slow?), this show clearly kicks ass. Totally can’t wait for next season in Vegas. It’ll be like Real World: Las Vegas, only with less threesomes in the hot tub and more delicious food.

Understandably, I was slightly apprehensive about Top Chef: Masters, even after watching it a few times. Tom and Gail are almost never on, and Padma was replaced by some other, not nearly as pretty or as exotic chick whose name totally escapes me. We at SSR believe in fairness above all (really?), so we decided to give it a shot, which became totally worth it with last night’s absolutely amazing, feel-good episode.

Literally (in the wrongest sense of the world), this was one of the greatest and most soul-warming hours of TV that I’ve experienced since last season of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (I’m joking…or am I??). On the last few episodes, there has been one or two endearing chefs per group of 4 (HUBERT! I LOVE YOU HUBERT!), and the rest were kind of blah (I’m talking to you Suzanne Tracht. You.are.boring.).

This was not the case on last night’s “lovefest,” when I loved all 4 chefs, including Roy Yamaguchi who “hadn’t been in a supermarket in 20  years” and could not find the cheese(!!!!!!!!!). Roy obviously does not live at SSR, where the residency requirements include always knowing where to find the cheese. Roy, we can work on that, never fear.

Don't let the fire distract you from the cheese aisle!

Don't let the fire distract you from the cheese aisle!

But the winner of this round of the competish and (naturally) of our hearts was Art Smith, better known as Oprah’s personal chef. Yes, that Oprah. The food must be really good, because girlfriend has been putting on the pounds recently. Once we saw his fried chicken, I think we all understood why.

Art won my (and the LA Times‘) affections with his delicious looking chicken and cobbler combinations and his breathlessly excited monologues. How could you not love someone that had so much fun cooking the greatest looking food ever? This guy rocks. He totally cemented his place as Top Chef of my (and WorkChucks’) heart with his near-tears closeup at the end, where he told us all he was gonna go call his Mama. By “Mama” he means “Oprah.”

Also, I loved his linen chef pants. Shocker.

Also, I loved his linen chef pants. Shocker.

In short, watch this episode. It’ll be on Bravo just about 24/7 for the next week until the FINALE next week. GAH I CANNOT WAIT.

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  1. July 23, 2009 7:49 pm

    Art Smith is gangsta!

    Check out my recap:


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