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Words that aren’t spelled like you think they are:

July 29, 2009

(A/N: I’ve always considered myself a pretty good speller, but some words are just super trippy. This gets even harder when you speak other languages and try to spell things the way they would be spelled en francais or in italiano– a.k.a. the “logical” way. Stay tuned later for a list of commonly mispronounced words chez Afrika. There are many.)

1. Lambaste (who knew it had an e at the end?)

2. Surprise (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve written “suprise” and gotten pissed at the Microsoft Word Clip for telling me I’m spelling it wrong)

3. Wednesday (it’s pretty hard to spell this word correctly if you pronounce it “wins-day”)

4. Pit bull with lipstick (that’s funny, I always thought that was spelled “Sarah Palin,” dontcha know)

And now, a clip from the greatest movie about spelling ever (there aren’t many to choose from, but this one fucking kicks ass), and I l-o-v-e this girl. I’m wondering if I’m just not awkward enough to be a good speller.

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