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abbot ale

July 30, 2009

Last night, Jappy, Afrika and I went to Pizzeria Paradiso because we were exhausted from our hard days of interning and desirous to surround ourselves with hipsters.  Paradiso, as any discerning intern knows, has a wide (obese, even) selection of beer and, even more appropriately, it lists their alcohol content – catering to the cash-strapped masses, man these recessions are useful.  But the cool thing I liked about Paradiso wasn’t the fact that they forgot our bread (or the fact that we had to order it, and pay money for it had it actually arrived) or that our pizzas came out in 15 minutes (seriously? too soon.) or that some dude sitting a table away kept TOTALLY STARING at me when I slowly poked our bill to the edge of the table, no, what I enjoyed was my burr.

This burr.

it even features a chocolate lab, as all young professionals must aspire to one day own

it even features a chocolate lab, as all young professionals must aspire to one day own

It was a good beer. I actually loved it, because it fulfilled the following desires:

1. It was not a hipster beer

2. It wasn’t hopped out like a fucking crack addict

3. It was delicious and malty, like a milkshake, but alcoholic, so better

and 4. It reminded me of Abbot Ale, which I love almost as much as Cricket Cola, and which I can’t seem to find in the US.

That being said, though I love this beer, my area of expertise is gin, and I will leave it up to Afrika to wax poetic about Belgian style beers, because did you know she studied abroad once?  Also her phone is gold.  But she’ll be in London soon enough, where hopefully she’ll be converted away from her hoppy hipster ales and start drinking beer like one who’s lost all hope in life – constantly, and sloppily without regard for proper parenthetical citations, as a grad student should.

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  1. TALL permalink
    July 31, 2009 3:02 pm

    can you even imagine how delicious an alcoholic milkshake would be? i think we need to say screw cancer research and get on that shit like whoa. can you tell i’m a little thirsty right now?

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