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A brief list

August 3, 2009

Since my triumphant return back to Pittsburgh two days ago, I’ve spent my time holed up in my room, with my windows open to the courtyard to remind me of the outside world that awaits. I’m like Rapunzel (without the long, blonde hair), trapped inside until I can clean my room up enough to unpack all of my stuff. This is going to be an adventure.

Today’s mission: cleaning my desk. You might think to yourself, “gosh that sounds easy, why are you bitching so much?” Well, since I got this desk in approximately sixth grade, I think I have used it to actually do homework on roughly 5 times. All of these occasions were in sixth grade. Since then, when I stopped doing homework and started getting “real,” the desk became nothing more than a simple storage facility with a random computer keyboard drawer.

Here’s a brief list of things I found on part one of #mission:cleandesk.

1. At least five (5) Liberty Dollars from 1972. I am unclear as to whether these are legal tender. I think Eisenhower is on them. Who decided Eisenhower deserved a coin? Eh, he did win World War Two (or so he’d like you to think).

2. A totally flattened balloon that was once shaped as a butterfly (see below). The attached card led me to believe that this balloon (when it was blown up) had been given to me as a “break a leg” present for a play I was in no less than eight (8) years ago.

Look at this guy

Look at this guy

3. A pile of coins, both foreign and American. Within it, approximately two hundred (200) Hungarian forints. A quick search of the Googles has taught me this is worth approximately $1.07. I’m rich.

4. A green, plastic hairbrush. This piece of shit might have been the last hairbrush I ever owned. Circa 1999.

5. A novelty watch purchased on a high school trip to China with a waving Chairman Mao on the face.

Look at THIS guy!

Look at THIS guy!

5. A pink, plastic case containing my retainer from late middle school. This will come in handy for when I decide to dress up like @ahfdemocrat for Halloween.

6. An envelope full of travel stubs and brochures from no less than five (5) international trips that I took over the course of ten years.

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  1. chefhooles permalink
    August 3, 2009 10:31 pm

    that watch reminds me of the pen i bought at national that has obama in it – IN it. i bought it solely to do a crossword in the times but it’s quickly approaching memento status.

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