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Ed Helms: Oscar Nominee?

August 7, 2009

So Ed Helms, aka Stu, aka the “dentist” was on Conan last night. It was, obviously, very funny. He revealed a little show biz tidbit, that I’m pretty surprised that DirtyHippie didn’t already know (GET WITH IT WIFE, GOD!!). Here it is:

Look at this guy

Look at this guy

Evidently, he and the director of DBIH favorite film The Hangover wrote DBIH favorite song “Variations on a Tiger Snooze” in A DAY. Rome was not built in a day, but Oscar-worthy songs were. I guess Warner Brothers wanted them to submit it for Oscar contention (this is a thing I guess…), AND THEY DID. NOW IT’S BEING CONSIDERED. We should petition the Oscar voters to vote for this. Get on this Wife.

So he performed. The video will not embed. You can get it on the NBC website here. FUCK CONAN MAKE IT WORK.

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