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August 11, 2009

There are many drinks of the alcoholic variety that are imbibed by the denizens of SSR, but none are more suitable to the trial of healthcare reforms in August, the beanstalk-producing aroma of the stoopdeck, or the heatstroke-inducing humidity of DC summers than the mojito.

look at THIS guy

look at THIS guy

The ingredients of a mojito* are as follows:

  • Bacardi
  • simple syrup
  • ice
  • lime
  • mint
  • Perrier

More or less you put the first 5 ingredients into a glass, smash it up (muddle, if you will) and then top with Perrier.  Enjoy.  Then have 5 more, spend the afternoon drinking on the stoopdeck, loudly make fun of the assholes in line at Georgetown Cupcake**, and you will enjoy the afternoon that Jappy and I did this past Saturday.

Why the obsession with mojitos?  Because DC in August has a womb-like environment and the mojito punches DC in its ovaries.  Good times.

Also, I’m just going to say this, I hate Zooey Deschanel, I’ve never liked a movie she’s done, and yes, we get it, she’s an indie hipster can we PLEASE move on to an actress with talent?  DID WE ALL FORGET THE HAPPENING?

That said, August is the perfect month for mojitos – they’re cold, refreshing and honestly just really good.  So away with you, drink mojitos all August long, because school starts in 3 weeks and we don’t have much time.



* SSR has found an ideal ratio of 2 ounces rum, 1 ounce simple syrup; Perrier because we fucking feel like it.

** Don’t get me wrong, I love those cupcakes, but 1. they are so not worth waiting in line in 95 degree weather, b. tourists are always there and god they suck and iii. Baked & Wired is objectively more delicious.

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