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Pittsburgh’s Favorite Son

August 14, 2009

And no, I’m not talking about F. Dok Harris, a fellow Sewickley Academy alum (and total douche) who is running against Pittsburgh’s current (total douche) mayor on a platform of “I am also in my 20s and connected to the youths, yet infinitely more qualified than the other guy because I went to Princeton.” Seriously, this guy is going somewhere.

I’m talking about Andy Warhol, aka “Andy Warhola” of Pittsbugh, PA, which is incidentally the location of the Andy Warhol Museum, the greatest freaking museum EVER. I’m not exaggerating.

Look at this guy!

Look at this guy!

Here are a few reasons that Andy Warhol rocks my socks:

1. He liked soup. I like soup. Soup is delightful.

2. Interview magazine, which he created in 1969, is the shit. Don’t believe me? First of all, don’t ever doubt Afrika. Second-of-ly, check out the most recent issue, where January Jones (Betty Draper, see below) is interviewed by Jack Nicholson. Yes, that Jack Nicholson. Archives of Interview can be found, obviously, at the Musee de Warhol.

3. He managed to be a totally successful and iconic artist, even though his most famous works were silkscreened (usually by assistants) not all that well. Definition of being a total baller: having other people do your job for you, taking all the credit, getting super rich/famous, becoming an icon, then entering the cultural zeitgeist with panache and pizzazz.

4. This:


That’s right, it’s a room full of cloud shaped balloons that fly around. I was there last night, for free, with booze, so suck it nerds.

In conclusion, Andy Warhol is amazing, Pittsburgh is amazing, Dok Harris is not. Do not vote for him.

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