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Cake Wrecks: Omnomnom

September 10, 2009

While gchatting with Afrika, she shared with me a gem from DBIH favorite, DCist, which recently had a cake fail on its fifth anniversary.  Anyway, it lead me to CakeWrecks, a wonderful website. I love this because 1. I LOVE FOOD B. Mistakes are silly and fourthly, it seems authentically bitchy AND pseudo intellectual! WIN!  This site also reminds me of a time when #SSR went to Ben and Jerry’s to get ice cream but ended up getting an ice cream cake (one of the four building blocks of the #SSR diet). Said cake had the letters “BJ” inscribed on it and nothing else. Being perpetually 11 year old boys, that made our day because BJ like blowjay (with my mouth) right?! Get it?! So that’s a bad story and a month later we figured out “BJ” mean Ben and Jerry’s. I suppose that’s why we’re just pseudo intellectuals here. In closing,  most def go check CakeWrecks out, and then go buy me a cake.

Poor spelling never tasted so good...

Poor spelling never tasted so good...

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