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S$$ and the PSL

September 13, 2009

I am a huge fan of the pumpkin spice latte (PSL).

God love the abbrev.

There is nothing better than the autumnal spicy deliciousness that is the PSL with whip. N.B. if you don’t get whip on your PSL, you are a little bitch. Suck it up and consume the extra 30 calories. Its not that bad for you and it makes the drink 349857349 times better. And if you are a S$$ barista reading this, don’t FUCKING JUDGE ME when I ask for skim milk and whip. If you’re nice to me, I will tip you generously. So don’t judge. Don’t. Judge.

Look at this guy!

Even though it’s not QUITE fall in the lovely metropolis of DC, we’ve had gloriously cool weather for the past week and I have already had roughly 7 PSLs.  They are a great accompaniment to studying for everything from the LSAT to international finance to reading about non-violence theory and practice (strange combo, I know).

The only thing that will make PSL consumption even better is when S$$ switches to their seasonal cups. I love the festive red cups and cardboard sleeves that come in blue and green (green is the best. don’t argue with me on this), even if I suffer severe depression after the holidays when they go back to the plain boring white cups. I still can not wait  feel in the SPIRIT OF THE SEASON, which can only happen for me once they change the freaking cups.

Look at THIS guy!


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