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Cooking with hipsters

September 14, 2009

This wonderful video was brought to my attention by my woman’s pants-wearing, form-and-viscosity-obsessed, table making-artist friend David. He is all of these things, as well as someone who used to live in a cardboard box full of priceless and ancient relics like original Goethe drawings and World War I jodphurs. So, when he sent me this video, I knew I was in for a treat. Let’s let our American Apparel bedecked (Hello unisex deep V! HELLO!!!) chef speak for himself.

At least (AT LEAST), he does admit that the food looks like vomit. It really does. Despite that, you really can’t look away though, can you? So, props to our hipster friend for taking those four minutes away from me while making sure that I never want scrambled eggs again. Great.

PS: David would also like everyone to think about emulsions (this is a word with which I am not familiar) and induction cooktops. This thing looks like something Chef Hooles would be interested in.

For some reason, this JPEG was downloaded as "diva 1"

For some reason, this JPEG was downloaded as "diva 1"

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