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Danger Juice

September 20, 2009
Jungle Juice: The Catholic Nun Sister of Danger Juice

Jungle Juice: The Catholic Nun Sister of Danger Juice

Some of you witnessed last night what “Danger Juice” really is. Let me just say that the name is exactly what it means. You do not fuck with Danger Juice, it fucks with you, as evidence of many unnamed people puking their guts out and not getting out of bed until 2 pm. I digress.

Danger Juice is primarily NOT Jungle Juice. Jungle Juice is  3 types of Twister, Gatorade,  and like a teaspoon of vodka. Though I am not at liberty to disclose the entire recipe, Danger Juice consists of an entire bottle of Everclear (which has a higher alcoholic concentrate than rubbing alcohol), peach Andre champagne, margarita mix, lemon lime soda, frozen juice concentrate and water to taste.  Now quadruple that.  Can you say FML? Yes you can.

For this amazing invention, as well as the fucker-upper that is Jackball, we must thank our friend Kipp D. Hebert, who I hold personally responsible for the projectile vomit-fest of freshman that we all witnessed last night.  DBIH salutes you, sir.

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  1. Clare permalink
    September 21, 2009 1:49 am

    My mind is telling me good times come from this incredible juice, but my liver is screaming noooooooo

    and yes, I DO read your blog. and here’s a comment to prove it.

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