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The shit hath hitteth the fan…eth…

September 21, 2009

So, evidently while I’ve been spending my precious weeks of unemployment watching Gilmore Girls and old episodes of DBIH favorite The West Wing (see below), the city of Pittsburgh, a mere 20 minutes from my house, has been going fucking insane.  The G-20 is coming to town, and instead of showing allowing my beautiful co-Pittsburghers to show off our lovely city, the Secret Service has shut it down.  It’s like fireworks night at Rockefeller Center, only without the cowboy hat-shaped fireworks, so really, what’s the point?

Shut it down.

Shut it down.

My friends from DC will share my incredulity at the news that every school in the entire fucking city is being shut down for 3-4 days. SHUT DOWN? ARE YOU KIDDING? This is like the time we got a snow day at Georgetown for three inches of snow and a light dusting of ice, which admittedly was awesome, because I didn’t have to go to French class.

Thusly, to paraphrase the eternal wisdom of Derek Zoolander, how will the world leaders be expected to learn to love Pittsburgh, if they can’t even fit inside the city? (in this case, “fit inside” could be loosely translated as “see” or “experience its true glory”)

In conclusion, I do not want my love Silvio Berlusconi thinking that Pittsburgh is an abandoned city shrouded in fog and surrounded by rivers. Nor do I want him to think that it’s the kind of city that shuts down for everything, a la Naples mid-garbageman strike.

Look at this guy.

Look at this guy.

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