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the lsat

September 25, 2009

So at some point, everyone in the US decided instead of graduating, and going out into the workforce, getting a real job (including benefits, which had better fucking include dental), paying rent and getting cut off from their parents, they would instead go to law school, where they could spend 3 more years putting off decisions, and hopefully (if they went to Barnard) they would find a suitable husband (heteronormative, agreed) and get to hang out, doing nothing, forever.

The issue with this is that those of us taking the LSAT now are facing insurmountable odds.  Everyone takes it, maybe not everyone goes to law school, but everyone FREAKS THE FUCK OUT and takes the fucking test and no one will shut up about and this year, THIS FUCKING YEAR a certain Jesuit institution of higher education located near Quick Pita decided it would be a fucking great idea to host the LSAT on the same weekend as homecoming and so you know what I think?  Even though our football team is worse than Glee’s and has significantly less rhythm?


So allow me to extend a giant “Fuck you, thanks” to the LSAT.  It is way too fucking long, tests a totally bullshit area of expertise and serves only to fuck with seniors.  You know how you should let people into law school? Find out what they did undergrad.  If they were awesome (read: me), they probably won’t make good lawyers.  If they sucked, let them in.  Then maybe some of us seniors wouldn’t have parents breathing down our backs about getting a 175 (who does that? NOT THIS KID) and getting into Harvard.

I fucking hate the law.  I break it all the time.  I am the last person in the world who should go to law school.

And I am sure the LSAT will prove me right in the morning.

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  1. September 26, 2009 7:56 pm

    Please let us know how you think you did after you take it.

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