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Dream Journal Part Soixante-Neuf

October 3, 2009

(I don’t even know if that’s real French. INCROYABLAY!)

So dear friends, it’s been a while since I shared my sleepy time musings with you. Let’s just say these next few should not disappoint.  Also, to keep the identities of certain individuals anon, I will be using code namez.

In my first dream, I was at a party with the usual folks, having fun and drinking to excess per usual, when the party got broken up by campus security.  My friend, “Fredrick” (who is quite tall drink of water, if you know what I mean…I mean that he’s super tall) and I walked back to my house and on our way, he convinced me to let him bleach my hair white-blond and cut it super short, then give me Ken Paves extensions. Being “crunk” as the kids say, I agreed. So Fredrick was washing my hair in my bathroom sink when we started to talk about current events, and the tsunami in Indonesia came up, which in turn made me cry like a baby.  Then as Fred started to chop of my locks, someone brought up what a mess Haiti is currently, which made me weep even harder.  And then I woke up.

What Fredrick used to dye my hair. Dont try this in real life.

What "Fredrick" used to dye my hair. Don't try this in real life.

In dream dos (on a different night), I was Quinn Fabray from Glee! Except instead of dating Finn, Alexander Ovechkin was my boyfriend, which made all my Cheerio buddies way jeal, as it should. So I was sitting on the sidelines of practice when the cheerleaders made these four enormous pyramids, and threw the fliers (tiny people on the top who get thrown around) up to the rafters where they hung on the lights and then flipped back down onto the top of the pyramid. It worked the first time but the second time the light fixtures broke when the fliers were hanging on them. The fliers fell down, bounced, and flipped into headstands. It was ridic-o-lus, so I decided I wasn’t that hard core and should probably quit. Then I found out that I had a paper worth 100% of my grade due that night for my distance learning history class on Chinese philosophers. I decided I was fucked, and then I woke up.

Yeah, this was me. Suck it nerds.
Yeah, this was me. Suck it nerds.
My boyfriend. Hes badass.
My boyfriend. He’s badass.

As always, feel free to comment or give your insight!


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