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October 6, 2009

That’s right. How I Met Your Mother. This is me offering a hearty endorsement in the only medium available to me. Watch this show. It’s fucking hilarious. Seriously, I don’t know what CBS (home of Work Chucks/Jappy favorite NCIS. No, really.) is doing with a show this funny, they don’t deserve it. Actually, we all know that I wish it was on HBO so they could just swear/let Jason Segel expose himself.

moral of the story: HIMYM is so funny. It’s certainly not funny like Arrested Development (“the..matriarch, if you will”), or even like 30 Rock (“Family…who’s in charge of my thirst??), but it’s great. Here’s why.

1. Jason Segel. We heart him, for obvious reasons (“Peter you suck, your music is fucking terrible”) and I’m in the process of formulating a plan to steal him from Chloe Sevigny. Fuck you and your awesome sense of style Chloe. He’s mine.

2. NPH. To prove that NPH is legen…wait for it….. wait for it…….dary, here’s a clip of him that’s totally unrelated to HIMYM, yet totally awesome.

3. Lots and lots of silly songs. Who doesn’t love a catchy song, especially one in a Canadian accent? (see: “Inside of you” and “We gotta do something” by Aldous Snow)

If you start watching this show, I promise I’ll talk to you about it instead of Forgetting Sarah Marshall and 30 Rock. You know, for some variety in conversation topics.

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