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Mutumbo- out of the shot!

October 8, 2009

A lot of you might not know this about me, but I love Jason Segel. Wait, you already knew? Seriously? Balls. (Have you also heard that we at #SSR love Forgetting Sarah Marshall? Really? Fuck, we would be the worst spies!)

So, today I found this. I really don’t want to turn into the YouTube girl, you know, the one that posts all the fucking videos all the time and I’m like gahhh it’s so funny and all I do is quote YouTube (which would be a change from quoting 30 Rock, Arrested, and FSM/HIMYM) and all I talk about are things I saw while stalking celebrities on YouTube, but suck it nerds, because I found this. [see below]

This is a pretty good descriptor of why I super heart Jason Segel. He’s Jewish (like me!), he’s tall (like Tall, who I usually like almost as much as Marc Jacobs), he hates asking doctors embarrassing questions (hence our frequent usage of WebMD- I’m still not convinced I don’t have a brain tumor), he was the only Jewish kid (and probably the butt of jokes about money like I am), AND (AND!!!!) he likes puppets. I love puppets- Bert and Ernie? Fucks my shit up.

Plus, “my alternatives were either be an actor or live with my mom and dad for the rest of my life, there was no in between.”

Story of my fucking life.

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