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Americans are Dirty…

October 23, 2009

..or at least that is what those Spaniards think.

does this look dirty? No. This looks like Amurica.

does this look dirty? No. This looks like Amurica.

According to my dear dear friend and roommate Carter (aka Mr. “I really like to travel abroad and talk about women’s issues”), those pesky, tango-dancing Spanish are referring to La Grippe de Porc (aka “Swine Flu”) as “American Flu.” Sounds like SOMEONE is still a little peeved over that whole Spanish Influenza thing in 1919…Well you know what? GET OVER IT SPAIN! DON’T MAKE US COME OVER THERE AND START A TOTALLY UNNECESSARY WAR TO PROVE THAT AMERICA IS BETTER THAN YOU!

Listen, I get that you people are feeling all high and mighty because that new survey just came out saying Spanish men are the best sex partners (I tried to find the link to the article here, but after googling “spanish men sex” and its derivatives several times, I gave up…) but really, lay off America, okay? We got the retarded cowboy out of the oval office and elected that lovely Kenyan man–isn’t that enough for you?!?

Workchucks, I dare you to tell me that is not an appropriate use of the word retarded. I DARE YOU.

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  1. jappy permalink
    October 24, 2009 4:36 pm

    I think carter should guest blog on DBIH about women’s issues and being a baller.

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