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Prepare yourselves for the flurry of sickness-induced posts to come!

October 23, 2009

Hello dear DBIH-ers. Yes, it really is I,. DirtyHippie, returning from a rather lengthy hiatus away from my (fam)blee and home here, at good ol’ Dear Blog In Heaven. Why have I been absent of late, might you ask? Well, its a long story, but suffice it to say that I am just a super fucking awesome and important person, and I had shit to get done (for instance: buying a treadmill and procuring tickets to the midnight showing of New Moon). Alas, I return today as I have been sidelined from life in general with a case of “unidentified general sickness,” or potentially, la grippe de porc.

this may or may not be how I spent last weekend...

this may or may not be how I spent last weekend...

Anyhoo, I plan to periodically release a series of posts this day, due to general boredom and my overwhelming desire to share it with you. I may also be slightly delirious. But I think its a great plan. Lets break some records, people! Say it with me now: book deal book deal book deal!

Now, onto the topic of my first post: the wonderment that is pumpkin bread.

look at this guy!!

look at this guy!!

After about three weeks of living off of nothing but hummus and apples (literally–it was a bleak time…) I finally went to Whole Foods a few days ago and procured, among other things, the most delectable treat known to man, and also my very favorite thing about fall: pumpkin bread. I have been eating it, with my hands, for about three days now. It is simply too good to take the time to cut it up and use “eating utensils.” Eff that shit.

It is seriously divine. It has raisins. It is pumpkin colored (my very favorite fall color, might I add), and it is very nearly entirely vegan (legit, I checked the label, it has one egg in it, but that be all).

I am in complete love with it. I hope that by letting all teh gheys marry it really DOES open up a slippery slope and eventually I am able to devote my life, legally, to this wonderful culinary masterpiece.

On another note: seriously, Jappy, if we do not go pumpkin-patching tomorrow I will cut a bitch. And by a bitch, I mean you. just an fyi.


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