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DirtyHippie: A Hero Among Us

October 29, 2009

So, I have had a rather emotional week. Most of it has been very, very bad. In fact, all but one thing has been very very bad. Although I had thought that said good thing would salvage the week, BOY did I count my genetically modified chickens before they were injected with insane amounts of antibiotics and hatched…

The good news, that led to my emotional high of the week, came last night. I am not going to share it with you, because I want to revel on the inside for a while longer, but here is a hint:

(can we just stop for a minute and talk about the NOISES he makes in this clip?!? Good mother fucking GOD, the noises…)

Anyway, I was on quite a high from my super fucking awesome news, and thought that my hellish week had turned around. Unfortunately, this was not so.

This morning, I broke my tail bone. Not only did I break my tail bone, I fell down the stairs in front of a crowded ICC galleria, AND a certain super hot African Studies professor, and broke my tail bone. I have officially participated in the Georgetown tradition of getting GERMED, but unfortunately it had nothing to do with a keg stand, jack ball or any other fun-inducing activities involving danger juice. Nope. I had to get wheeled into the emergency room after breaking my ass.

As you may imagine, I was none too pleased with this turn of events. NONE TOO PLEASED. I like my ass. It provides me with a very comfortable way to enjoy life (ie sitting down) and now it has been taken away. I am in desperate need of a walker.

HOWEVER, it has been pointed out to me by my lovely roommate, Carter “I am not going to say anything about your various idiosyncrasies because you will think I am making fun of you when I am really giving you compliment, Carter” Lavin that in fact, my whole outlook on the situation is rather ass backwards, as it were. HA! PUNS!

You see, I fell down the ICC stairs. Yes, THOSE ICC stairs that are basically like climbing half-dome and give many a student vertigo just from glancing down into their depths. I fell down THOSE stairs, and I did not die. Not only did I not die, I made it out without a concussion, cast, serious bleeding, or loss of limbs. AND THAT, my friends, is QUITE THE FUCKING ACCOMPLISHMENT, if you ask me. So yes, maybe I did manage to break my ass, but since I did not crack my skull open like my very own genetically modified and antibiotic filled egg, this DFH is counting today as a victory.

Stairs of the world, beware. I am my own personal wonder woman, and I am coming to take you down.

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  1. Carter permalink
    October 31, 2009 4:12 pm

    next step the Exorcist steps?

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