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October 30, 2009

Dearrrrr blog in heaven, it’s been so long since last I blogged (lie down forever, lie down…). BUT I do have something excellent to share via fotoz.

Micropigs! and a kitteh

Yes, the latest rich people trend is to own micropigs. Omfg they are cute, so I can’t blame Rupert Grint for having one.

Look at this guy. (Ron. Ron. Ron WEASLEY!)

Apparently these cute little piggies live for 18 years, and grow to a maximum height of 14 inches tall.  Also they cost $1,400 so wait until (C)Hanukka(h) to ask for one.  The residents of #SSR want to invest in one (perhaps instead of our communal child, but maybe we can have both and Baby Jane will have a baby piggie to play with. In her crewcuts and sword outfit, of course.) But look how cute!

Piggie ❤

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  1. Afrika permalink
    October 31, 2009 8:29 am

    i’ve told you guys that i’m naming my future pig alfred, right? cannot wait.
    when i name my future animals, I feel like Kenneth Ellen Parcel the time that he got all those birds and he named them all! How exciting, right?
    Anyway, alfred the pig can be tall’s surrogate child until she figures out a way to be impregnated by a marc jacobs purse.

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