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Derelicte is Sweeping the Nation

November 5, 2009

Okay. Does everyone remember last summer when Afrika and Jappy were having a birthday, and we all wanted to have a derelicte themed party in homage to Derek Zoolander? Remember when certain #team members and #team-adjacent “friends” poo-pooed said theme and told us it would be stupid? Well, suck on this, nerds:

Trash Bag Dress

This was preceisely my costume idea for our party. Also, the man in this picture is my future husband. Just an FYI.

Yes, you are seeing that right. That is a dress that looks shockingly like it is made from cellophane and black trash bags. I COULD HAVE WORN THAT DRESS! I COULD HAVE MADE THAT DRESS! DERELICTE IS THE BEST PARTY/CLOTHING THEME EVER!

The moral of this story is: never trust non #team members when coming up with party ideas. They suck, and we are awesome.

(NB: Kristen Stewart is likewise awesome. I am officially inducting her into the #team. Welcome Kristen, you are among friends.)

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