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Auld Lang Syne, and Other 2009 Musings

December 31, 2009

Well readership, it’s been one helluva year, and now it’s nearly over.  I hope you’re all out enjoying a very potent beverage right now so when you’re puking up Pepto in the morning, this post will seem a lot funnier. (That was not a personal reference. Especially not to anyone currently residing in SSR.)  Believe it or not, DBIH was founded in the year of our lord god jesus fucking christ 2009! We’re almost 6 months old! (This calls for an ice cream cake.) We’ve seen our share of ups and downs (myself and Afrika’s heigh difference, anyone and Dan Brown, par exemple), but on the whole it’s been a great year, especially for love. Look at Lindsay and Sam! Wait… But look at the economy! Fuck… Our president? In Hawaii… Well, the Real World DC started yesterday! So we’ll end on a … high note… sure.  So, while you’re drinking margs and eating your weight in tortilla chips and salsa at a certain mexican restaurant in DC or in California, aborting third trimester fetuses and forcing people to marry their dogs, or in a certain northeastern industrial state in the middle of nowhere doing nothing on New Years but watching the West Wing (not that way guys… actually watching the DVDs), raise a glass to our best friend Doug before you take a tiger snooze on a cold tile floor. We sincerely appreciate your business. Oh, and crack whores. (Just for the hits!)

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