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Things I Am Enjoying Today

May 25, 2010

1. The Circulator – a bus that is ONE DOLLAR, has A/C, is clean, and goes within 3 blocks of both home and work. PRAISE ALLAH!

hel-lo beau-tee-ful

2. Otto von Bismarck – bro was a badass. my professor today spent more time telling us about Bizzy’s eating habits than his foreign policy. let me educate y’all: Otto VB  prided himself on drinking 6 bottles of wine in one sitting. for lunch, he would eat 12 buttered, deviled eggs, a bottle of wine, and then have a full meal. he was also a chain smoker who invented a contraption that allowed him to smoke 3 cigars at once. sounds like he’d fit in nicely at #ssr if he replaced the cigars with chos and the eggs with ice cream cake. also, his mustache is epic.

broooo outttt

3. The Sundry shop in the Dirksen Senate building – yeah, I have a candy shop at my place of work that makes fresh mango iced tea and popcorn. thank you tax payers, your dollars are going towards making me a fat and happy hilltern.


4. Glee – Gaga + GLEE = OMG YES FINALLY. This is what I categorize as a pbc combo, or a combination that is like peanut butter and chocolate, as in i haven’t seen it yet, but by golly, kurt’s version of bad romance is the bee’s knees. check it out people.


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