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Trend Alert!!! TREND.ALERT!

May 28, 2010

I love this new gray hair thing (or “grey” if you’re me and stuck in sunny London). I know, it’s kind of weird. I know, I probably can’t pull it off with my curly Jew hair. I know, I’m young why would I want to look like a crazy old lady. BUT I LOVE IT AND I WANT IT.

First time I really liked the awesome gray/blue/pink whatever hair was on Tavi, who is way cooler than I will ever be and she’s like a fetus. Fuck my life. My stupid mother wouldn’t even let me get my nose pierced, and her mom let her have blue-gray hair? I want a cool mom.

Then, I saw that Kelly Osborne is doing this awesome pink/gray hair with really cool sunglasses that are just like mine. If Kelly can pull of the hair with the shades, why can’t I?

Look at this guy

I don’t know why I find this look so appealing, but I really really do [minus the socks and the sandals, I just cannot get behind that].

Then, thanks to Jezebel, I was able to channel my love of gray hair into another DBIH favorite: Samantha Ronson. I can’t tell if her hair is naturally gray (which would be pretty cool) or if she dyed it, but either way it’s cool and I like her jeans.

In conclusion, I obviously have a deep-seated envy of cool London girls. As much as I try with my denim shirts and saddle shoes, I will never be as baller as them while I still have crazy big curly hair. We must work on this, team, if I am ever to fit in here. [N.B.: this is not an excuse to tell me that I will never fit in here and I must return to DC, not at all]

When I have cool hair like this, maybe I'll be in Teen Vogue too.

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