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Disclaimer: this is the jappiest post ever.

June 16, 2010

Just deal with it. I am #jappy, after all.

An exact replica of Somerset, my beloved car.

So, my car troubles began on June 8, the day of elections across this great nation we call America, and on this day I was working for one candidate, who shall remain nameless but who is an incredible baller, even if said candidate lost. BY A SMALL HAIR.

(N.B. don’t google image search “teabagger”… you get this.)

ANYWAY: The night before, I was rushing to the abode of WorkChucks, who I had not seen in three weeks, and was obviously very excited to see.  In my rush, after parking my car on a well well-trafficked street, I forgot to remove my GPS from the dashboard. Silly mistake, I KNOW.


Anyway, the morning of the 8th, I was running to my car to drive to a hotel where I was organizing a phonebank for my candidate. What do you think I found whence I came upon my car? GLASS EVERYWHERE. Some asshole broke into my car and stole my $60 GPS.  It cost $1500 to repair. Asshole.

A couple of days later, WorkChucks and I went to pick up Somerset, and as we pulled onto the highway literally TWO MINUTES after paying out the ass for the repairs, a rock from a dumptruck in front of us hits the windshield and a HUGE CRACK develops.

EFF MY ELL. we then take the car BACK to BMW of Arlington, where Beaver, our repairman (I couldn’t make this shit up, I promise you) informs me that the crack is so bad that WE HAVE TO REPLACE THE WINDSHIELD. GD IT ALL TO HELL.

Beaver was in fact a small asian man.

So anyway, I am going to pick up my car today, wrap it in bubble wrap, and drive it back to georgetown and put it safely in the garage.  After I drive to the new SOCIAL SAFEWAY to stock up on foods. omnomnom.

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