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Things that are GREAT aujourd’hui.

June 26, 2011

1. Tennis! Did you know that ChefHooles is a pro, much like Stefi Graff? Obviously I’m Maria Sharipova (because I’m tall and great at tennis). But Hooles is pretty great at the beautiful game, and we had some great rallying. She’ll be taking Wimbledon by storm in the next year or so. Contact “Tall” at DBIH for scheduling requests.

2. MIMOSAS. They’re the best. Were you aware? We enjoy them. Pro tip – make them with Orangina! Less than half a bottle of Orangina per bottle of champagne (2x champ? Always.), preferably Andre. Even more preferable – peach Andre. If you need a mixer for that, you’re in junior high. It’s that simple. Also, this blog is not for you. #crackwhore.

3. TRUE BLOOD. Ok so DirtyHippie and I realized while watching the finale LAST YEAR (fucking weird, right?) that we would be graduated from college when the new season premiers. But you know, we actually made it (CRAY CRAY) and we’re all flourishing. And so is the new season. After Season 3’s very disappointing final (almost NO nudity, amirite?) we’re all ready for new episodes of sexy vampire sexiness. Mostly with Eric (ho-cha-cha!).

4. Sunshine! It’s really nice out here. I appreciate that.

5. Cheese and crackers. Crackers like wheaty bits, not like white people. But we like those too (I’m using the “royal we” today, fyi).

6. Did I mention that mimosas are great? Also has anyone ever watched “A Walk to Remember” and NOT bawled their eyes out?

7. This should be Number 1, but gay marriage in NY. God bless the Empire State. If anyone wants me to help them plan a great marital bash, just hit me up. I know Pnina Tournai (in that I have seen SYTTD like a hundred times. And cried that many times. Approximately.), so you know. YOU know. DBIH loves us a huge wedding dress with a see-thru corset.

8. Once you’re done with college, you have something called “Sundays.” Sundays are days where you don’t have  to do homework or group projects, and you can drink mimosas all day. Or whatever you choose. IT’S A FREE DAY. This liberation has not worn off, and it never will. It’s great.

9. ChefHooles is a human spellchecker. She has a funny stylebook that details what a “muffin-choker” is, among other things. Surprisingly, not sexual! Surprisingly as in, I was surprised. Maybe you were too? Idk, you were probably googling “crackwhore” and got here, so who knows what you want. Probably Amy Winehouse.

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  1. June 27, 2011 8:48 pm

    It’s 2x bottles champ. Just fyi. I have seen the Note. Or a picture of the Note. Which shall always be capitalized.

    • Afrika permalink
      June 30, 2011 11:12 am

      You certainly aren’t going to ever get to be one if you DONT BLOG.

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