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Proving a point

June 27, 2011

Being an insanely contrary, aggressively argumentative person (really? me?), I really like winning. Not Charlie Sheen style #winning, but actually, you know, winning at things. Like games. And bets. And the Charlie Sheen style being balls awesome at life. I do it all.

My soon to be latest win is two years in the making and I think it will be my best. When I finally get my haircut in or around the beginning of September, it will have been two years since I’ve had a haircut. Remember when I used to look like a Little Boy? Yeah, haven’t gotten a haircut since then.

“Why?” you ask. Well, it’s simple. I’m proving a point to my mother, also known as Marla Bear. Marla Bear thinks, like many do (including Jappy and Tallsies), that haircuts are something one should get regularly. I disagree. Why should I get a haircut, paying the big buxxx since I have lots o’hair, just to be told to get another one in 8 weeks?

[Sidebar: after a terrible brush with lice at camp one summer, I do not like having people touch my hair. Not one little bit.]

So, I told Marla Bear (oh yes I did), that I would SHOW HER. And I am. So, my ends may be split. I may look like a crusty. BUT I WILL WIN. This is Sparta.


I'm in danger of looking like this, despite the bottle of deep-moisture conditioner I go through each week. FML.

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